Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/19/23 03:46:5136.7178-75.4717P11: upsweeping call
09/19/23 04:01:5136.7178-75.4717P7: upsweeping call
09/19/23 04:16:5136.7178-75.4717P6: Potentially RW upcall but not detected due to heavy artifacts
09/19/23 06:46:5136.7178-75.4717P13: potentially for RW upcall but closely resembles the low frequency noise detected throughout the pitch tracks
09/19/23 07:46:5136.7178-75.4717P2-4: Sei whale likely present but was not detected- short downsweeping calls
09/19/23 08:46:5136.7178-75.4717P6: interesting noise detected
09/19/23 11:46:5136.7178-75.4717P14: short upcall
09/19/23 13:46:5136.7178-75.4717P2: long downsweeping call
09/19/23 21:31:5136.7178-75.4717P3: Downsweeping call detected, good amplitude