Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/09/23 01:16:5136.7178-75.4717P15: interesting noise pattern detected
09/09/23 02:31:5136.7178-75.4717P9: short upsweep
09/09/23 03:01:5136.7178-75.4717P14-16: high levels of upper frequency noise detected
09/09/23 06:46:5136.7178-75.4717P3: HB potentially detected- dowsweeping call
09/09/23 07:46:5136.7178-75.4717P12: short upsweeping call detected
09/09/23 10:46:5136.7178-75.4717P13: upsweeping call detected
09/09/23 17:16:5136.7178-75.4717P9: long duration noise detected
09/09/23 19:46:5136.7178-75.4717P14: potential RW upcall but could be other noise
09/09/23 23:16:5136.7178-75.4717P8: upsweeping call detected