Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/26/23 04:46:5136.7178-75.4717Fin whale presence likely, but the intervals between calls do not align with time of year
08/26/23 06:46:5136.7178-75.4717P1-5: heavy artifacts
08/26/23 10:46:5136.7178-75.4717P10: faint upcall
08/26/23 11:46:5136.7178-75.4717P9: alot of junk noise
08/26/23 13:01:5136.7178-75.4717P8: faint upcall
08/26/23 14:16:5136.7178-75.4717P8: interesting upcall, possibly RW
08/26/23 14:46:5136.7178-75.4717P12-15: potential humpback presence
08/26/23 16:46:5136.7178-75.4717alot of higher frequency junk noise detected