Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/20/22 00:44:2036.7178-75.4717fin pulses are too long with inconsistent IPI, and likely low freq noise
07/20/22 00:59:2036.7178-75.4717could be some fin pulses carried over from previous period
07/20/22 01:59:2036.7178-75.4717noisy. Inconsistent and lengthy fin detections are likely low freq noise
07/20/22 06:14:2036.7178-75.4717potential humpback in P13-P14? but too faint to classify as "possibly detected"
07/20/22 06:29:2036.7178-75.4717too faint to be HB
07/20/22 08:14:2036.7178-75.4717possible humpback but no clear pattern and really faint
07/20/22 16:29:2036.7178-75.4717very faint pitch tracks at end
07/20/22 17:44:2036.7178-75.4717faint complex hb song?
07/20/22 17:59:2036.7178-75.4717faint complex hb song in P1-P2?
07/20/22 23:44:2036.7178-75.4717possible fin but no established pattern