Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
11/07/22 06:55:3143.5347-68.9962RW classification in P2 but itís very faint and jagged and looks like it could be part of the surrounding noise.
11/07/22 08:55:3143.5424-69.0135Two upcall-like pitch tracks in P5 and 10, but theyíre both extremely faint and unclassified. Could also be LF noise.
11/07/22 09:50:1843.5446-69.0230One possible unclassified upcall in P9 but it has an artifact and there are other LF noises throughout the period.
11/07/22 19:55:3143.5787-69.0969Possible SW downsweep in P9 but itís jagged with inconsistent amplitude, potentially just LF noise.