Training Page

This page provides links to a training session for both the desktop and near real-time versions of the low-frequency detection and classification system (LFDCS). The training session was recorded on March 7, 2022 at the 9th Workshop on Detection, Classification, Localization and Density Estimation (DCLDE) of Marine Mammals using Passive Acoustics in Honolulu, Hawaii. The training was conducted by Julianne Wilder (NOAA NEFSC), Genevieve Davis (NOAA NEFSC) and Mark Baumgartner (WHOI). You can use the links provided here or access the same clips from our YouTube playlist.

Part 1 - LFDCS Introduction (74 min)

Part 2 - LFDCS Applications (27 min)

Part 3 - LFDCS Desktop Tutorial (87 min)

Part 4 - LFDCS Desktop Tutorial continued (54 min)

Part 5 - Real Time Introduction (31 min)

Part 6 - Robots4Whales Website Introduction (26 min)

Part 7 - Real Time Analysis Protocol (72 min)