Fin whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/26/16 22:24:36Detected43.9791-68.0854Fin whales DETECTED. Repeated pulses and consistent IPIs.


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/26/16 03:24:3643.9791-68.0854panel 8 has interesting pitchtracks in 200-375Hz range
08/26/16 09:24:3643.9791-68.0854Scoring revision (9/1): Possibly to Not detected for humpback whale - pitch tracks in this period are not defined or loud enough to be considered possible legitimate humpback whale vocalizations, highly skeptical of faint flow noise on the buoy.
08/26/16 13:24:3643.9791-68.0854classified FW pulses, but no 3 calls in pattern and IPI inconsistent, so think this is part of tidal noise
08/26/16 20:24:3643.9791-68.0854Possible boat noise.
08/26/16 22:24:3643.9791-68.0854Fin whales DETECTED. Repeated pulses and consistent IPIs.
08/26/16 23:24:3643.9791-68.0854Possible boat noise.