Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
05/03/23 11:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- 1 loud, isolated, unclassified, short, LF downsweep in P6. SW-ND.
05/03/23 12:10:1838.3030-74.6450JT- P2 has a really long (30s) PTs of varying amplitude with a very shallow shape, poss vessel noise. All spp-ND
05/03/23 12:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- another very long shallow PT from a non-bio source in P10. All spp-ND.
05/03/23 15:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- poss non-biol noise in P7 with another long PT. Short LF PTs in P9 and 10 but unknown source. All spp-ND.
05/03/23 16:55:1838.3030-74.6450JT- 2 very long PTs (~20-30s) in this period. Long PT in P7 has shallow downward shape and PT in P13 has shallow upward shape. All spp-ND.
05/03/23 19:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- 2+ really long PTs plus other non-biological sounds.