Humpback whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/15/22 08:55:41Possibly detected41.0613-70.8324Possible HW downsweep in P8.
06/15/22 14:55:41Possibly detected41.0613-70.8324Two possible HW downsweeps in P16?
06/15/22 15:55:41Possibly detected41.0613-70.8324Possible HW calls in P3.


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/15/22 02:40:4141.0613-70.8324Possible series of short faint LF downsweeps in P12 and 13 but they could be noise.
06/15/22 08:55:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW downsweep in P8.
06/15/22 09:10:4141.0613-70.8324Possible loud downsweep in P5? Itís very short though and itís difficult to rule out noise.
06/15/22 09:25:4141.0613-70.8324Possible loud short downsweeps in P14 and 15, source unknown.
06/15/22 09:40:4141.0613-70.8324Possible loud short downsweeps in P5 and 6, source unknown.
06/15/22 10:10:4141.0613-70.8324Possible loud short downsweeps in P11, source unknown.
06/15/22 11:40:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW vocalizations throughout this period but there is no clear pattern and most of the pitch tracks are faint and have artifacts. All of this could just be noise.
06/15/22 11:55:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW here as well but it could easily be noise. There are a lot of faint pitch tracks and artifacts.
06/15/22 12:40:4141.0613-70.8324A lot of patterned pitch tracks here, but most are faint and have artifacts. Itís really difficult to tell if these are biological or not. Iím leaning toward non-biological because there are no clearly defined pitch tracks.
06/15/22 14:55:4141.0613-70.8324Two possible HW downsweeps in P16?
06/15/22 15:55:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW calls in P3.
06/15/22 16:55:4141.0613-70.8324Possible HW upsweep with an artifact in P5, could also be noise.
06/15/22 18:55:4141.0613-70.8324Possible patterned calling in P8-10 but there are so many faint artifacts and no clearly defined pitch tracks, this could be noise.