Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
01/23/19 06:25:3935.0674-75.6790Appear to be artifacts
01/23/19 06:40:3935.0674-75.6807Only pitch tracks in first panel
01/23/19 07:10:3935.0672-75.6839appear to be artifacts
01/23/19 07:21:5035.0674-75.6861appear to be artifacts
01/23/19 11:40:3935.0611-75.6623fin whale detections are too close together, not enough of them panel 6 appear to be artifacts
01/23/19 13:38:5135.0490-75.6462JB left off here
01/23/19 14:23:2435.0426-75.6415JB left off here
01/23/19 17:10:3935.0193-75.6393interval is off for fin whale detections
01/23/19 20:10:3935.0005-75.6480panels 9 and 14 have fin whale detections but the intervals are off and there is noise