Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/23/16 08:28:37********************Julianne left off here.
08/23/16 08:43:3742.7261-69.0981Dana began here
08/23/16 09:28:3742.7192-69.1059Panel 15, possible HW?
08/23/16 10:13:3742.7135-69.1177Potential RW, one classified call in panel 11, with nothing else around, but not enough to classify as possibly detected.
08/23/16 11:43:3742.7066-69.1495All panels are curiously blank (no rudder noise at all?)
08/23/16 12:43:3742.7032-69.1751panel 3 classified call is questionable, Panel 5 classified call better. Scoring revision (9/1): Possibly to Not detected for right whale - classified pitch tracks in this period are not defined or loud enough to be considered possible legitimate right whale vocalizations.
08/23/16 13:28:3742.7005-69.1979panel 4 has classified RW call, but not convincing.
08/23/16 13:43:3742.6996-69.2053panel 10 has classified RW call, but it is shaped like a 7, not upsweep, so NOT detected
08/23/16 15:13:3742.6957-69.2522panel 14 has classified RW call, but I'm skeptical
08/23/16 18:13:3742.6967-69.3430panel 2 has classified RW call, but there are other blips in that same frequency, so not convinced it is not noise/artifact
08/23/16 21:28:3742.7120-69.3982panel 4, classified RW call, but not good shape