Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
04/30/15 04:47:3241.6942-68.5197Single classified rw upcall in panel 3 is reasonably isolated, but it is faint. Very suspicious given the noise characteristics of this platform - scoring as not detected.
04/30/15 09:47:3241.7162-68.6364Classified and unclassified rw upcalls not at all isolated from noise (in time or amplitude).
04/30/15 14:47:3241.6632-68.7746Far fewer noise pitch tracks in this summary period than in the past.
04/30/15 15:47:3241.6612-68.8120Again, fewer noise pitch tracks.
04/30/15 16:47:3241.6658-68.8519Classified rw upcalls not believable - same amplitude as surrounding noise pitch tracks.