Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/19/22 00:29:2036.7178-75.4717Mess of noise in P4.
08/19/22 02:29:2036.7178-75.4717Lots of spurious noise and artifacts before the recording got cut off
08/19/22 06:59:2036.7178-75.4717Lots of spurious noise with artifacts in P1, recording cut off soon after.
08/19/22 09:44:2036.7178-75.4717A couple of long, monotoned loud noises.
08/19/22 10:44:2036.7178-75.4717Lots of spurious noises
08/19/22 13:44:2036.7178-75.4717Lots of weird spaghetti noise.
08/19/22 15:44:2036.7178-75.4717Lots of loud spurious noise.