Humpback whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/21/22 21:59:20Possibly detected36.7178-75.4717HB up-sweeps in P14?


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/21/22 00:14:2036.7178-75.4717possible fin but not enough of a pattern established
07/21/22 07:29:2036.7178-75.4717Possible tonal hb moan P5?
07/21/22 07:59:2036.7178-75.4717Possible hb in P9 but not enough to mark
07/21/22 09:14:2036.7178-75.4717faint noise
07/21/22 09:29:2036.7178-75.4717faint noise
07/21/22 11:44:2036.7178-75.4717possible HB social sounds, but too faint
07/21/22 11:59:2036.7178-75.4717possible HB in P1-P2 but too faint
07/21/22 12:44:2036.7178-75.4717low freq noise
07/21/22 12:59:2036.7178-75.4717low freq noise. pulses too long and IPI inconsistent for fin
07/21/22 16:14:2036.7178-75.4717faint noise
07/21/22 17:29:2036.7178-75.4717noise filled with artifacts
07/21/22 17:44:2036.7178-75.4717Possible HB sounds in P1-P3 but too faint
07/21/22 20:14:2036.7178-75.4717noise
07/21/22 20:29:2036.7178-75.4717P16 could be start of hb...
07/21/22 21:59:2036.7178-75.4717HB up-sweeps in P14?
07/21/22 23:59:2036.7178-75.4717not enough repetition to count as fin