Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/19/22 15:14:2036.7178-75.4717initial buoy installation
07/19/22 15:59:2036.7178-75.4717single fin detection, no repeats
07/19/22 20:44:2036.7178-75.47174 repeated sounds in panel 11, but not frequently modulated
07/19/22 22:44:2036.7178-75.4717mostly faint artifacts, not likely HB
07/19/22 22:59:2036.7178-75.4717P13-P15 mostly artifacts
07/19/22 23:14:2036.7178-75.4717noise and artifacts, not likely to be HB
07/19/22 23:44:2036.7178-75.4717fin detections probably just low freq noise
07/19/22 23:59:2036.7178-75.4717potential fin, but probably low freq noise