Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
01/05/20 06:10:2434.1098-119.7742Panel 7 has odd 400 Hz signal, doesn't look particularly convincing for biological sound though
01/05/20 06:55:2434.1098-119.7742Repeated long 0 Hz tones
01/05/20 08:55:2434.1098-119.7742A lot of faint sporadic hf tones
01/05/20 17:25:2434.1098-119.7742Panels 2-6 have several classified fin calls but no consistent pulse interval
01/05/20 17:55:2434.1098-119.7742Classified fin calls not patterned enough to be especially convincing.
01/05/20 18:55:2434.1098-119.7742Many faint LF signals, possible blue downsweep in panel 4 around 35-40s but very broken up, so not entirely convincing
01/05/20 19:55:2434.1098-119.7742many sporadic signals, not convincing for biological sound
01/05/20 21:55:2434.1098-119.7742Lots of sporadic LF pulses
01/05/20 22:10:2434.1098-119.7742Continue sporadic LF pulses
01/05/20 22:55:2434.1098-119.7742More sporadic LF pulses
01/05/20 23:55:2434.1098-119.7742Continue faint sporadic LF pulses