Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
12/04/19 00:55:2434.1098-119.7742Not a full call if it even is blue (questionable)
12/04/19 03:25:2434.1098-119.7742Sporadic LF pulses <=50 Hz
12/04/19 03:40:2434.1098-119.7742Short, sporadic LF pulses. Not sure if could be biological.
12/04/19 04:10:2434.1098-119.7742Very short LF tracks.
12/04/19 06:55:2434.1098-119.7742Flat tones at 200 Hz in panel 9 likely mechanical
12/04/19 08:40:2434.1098-119.7742Hf tones here really faint, jagged and sporadic, likely background noise
12/04/19 10:25:2434.1098-119.7742Lots of higher background noise, possibly a short downsweep in panel15?
12/04/19 11:25:2434.1098-119.7742Weird signal at 400hz in panel 12
12/04/19 13:25:2434.1098-119.7742Signal in panel 9 faint and ragged, not very convincing for biological sound
12/04/19 14:40:2434.1098-119.7742Repetitive flay tone at 300 hz
12/04/19 15:55:2434.1098-119.7742Lots of higher-frequency faint, short tones here, very sporadic
12/04/19 16:10:2434.1098-119.7742Many short signals around 150 Hz, not patterned enough to be convincing for biological sound
12/04/19 17:55:2434.1098-119.7742Hf tones in panels 12&15 very ragged and chaotic, not biological
12/04/19 18:10:2434.1098-119.7742Hf tones in panel 1 very chaotic and ragged, not biological
12/04/19 18:55:2434.1098-119.7742Several LF tones but very sporadic and short duration
12/04/19 20:40:2434.1098-119.7742Panels 13-15 have many short, faint signals around 100 Hz but not patterned enough to be convincing for biological noise
12/04/19 21:10:2434.1098-119.7742Interesting signal in panel 5, but very ragged, likely not biological
12/04/19 21:55:2434.1098-119.7742Really broken signal in panel 15, likely background noise