Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/17/19 00:19:4434.1111-119.7746Continuation of possible humpback sounds? - still consistent with LF noise visible in the specgram
08/17/19 01:19:4434.1111-119.7746Many short sounds around 100-125 Hz - also "fin detections" that are more consistent with noise
08/17/19 03:19:4434.1111-119.7746Still looks like noisy day.
08/17/19 04:19:4434.1111-119.7746Fin intervals too short, not right.
08/17/19 05:19:4434.1111-119.7746More possible fin sounds, patterning not quite right
08/17/19 06:19:4434.1111-119.7746Lots of classified fin calls here, but interval seems too short
08/17/19 07:19:4434.1111-119.7746Many short low-frequency signals, seems more likely to be background instead of biological due to lack of patterning
08/17/19 08:19:4434.1111-119.7746Lower-frequency pulses here seem more in line with previous background noise signals and aren't very convincing for fin whale
08/17/19 09:19:4434.1111-119.7746The pulses identified as fin whale calls here seem to have interpulse intervals too short to be fin whale
08/17/19 10:19:4434.1111-119.7746Given higher-frequency, faint noise present in panels 2, 10 & 11, sounds here are likely not biological
08/17/19 11:19:4434.1111-119.7746Higher-frequency tracks in panels 6-10 seem more in line with anthropogenic sounds and not very convincing as humpback calls
08/17/19 12:19:4434.1111-119.7746Anthropogenic sounds here? Lower-frequency pulses seem very regular & spacing too close for fin. Higher noises mostly faint and very irregular for humpbacks.
08/17/19 13:34:4434.1111-119.7746Ship noise?
08/17/19 13:49:4434.1111-119.7746Ship sounds continue
08/17/19 14:19:4434.1111-119.7746Likely continued noisy day here, not convinced lower-frequency is fin whale pulses
08/17/19 14:34:4434.1111-119.7746High-frequency downsweep in panel 2 looks too ragged to be convincing for a humpback call. Lower frequency pulses still don't look right for fin whale sounds
08/17/19 15:19:4434.1111-119.7746More noise here, not likely to be biological
08/17/19 16:19:4434.1111-119.7746These short pulses still seem more like noise than anything whale-like
08/17/19 17:04:4434.1111-119.7746Likely ship noise, given background noise in spectrogram for this time period
08/17/19 17:19:4434.1111-119.7746Ship noise continues
08/17/19 17:34:4434.1111-119.7746Consistant pulses near 75 Hz, don't seem biological
08/17/19 17:49:4434.1111-119.7746Noises in panels 7&8 most likely to be background noise