Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/15/19 01:34:4434.1111-119.7746Short LF downsweep in panel 16.
08/15/19 05:34:4434.1111-119.7746There are steep LF downsweeps in panels 1-3 that could be D calls. Not completely convincing, though, as they are short and steep.
08/15/19 07:19:4434.1111-119.7746Very short LF downsweeps in panels 12 and 13 - what are these?
08/15/19 08:19:4434.1111-119.7746More short LF downsweeps in panel 9.
08/15/19 10:34:4434.1111-119.7746What are long tonals here? Ship noise?
08/15/19 11:34:4434.1111-119.7746There are a few isolated calls here and there that seem legit and could be humpback, but its not enough to be convincing.
08/15/19 22:19:4434.1111-119.7746What are repetitive sounds here. Seems like ship noise.
08/15/19 23:19:4434.1111-119.7746More repetitive noise.