Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/09/19 08:49:4434.1111-119.7746What is long LF tone(s) in panel 9. Seems to ragged for blue whale.
08/09/19 09:34:4434.1111-119.7746Long LF tone in panel 4 looks like a blue whale B call, but it seems a bit too high in frequency.
08/09/19 16:34:4434.1111-119.7746Possible D calls here, but they are short and not terribly convincing.
08/09/19 17:19:4434.1111-119.7746Ragged LF tone in panel 8.
08/09/19 19:34:4434.1111-119.7746B call in panel 4?