Fin whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/19/15 07:46:08Detected43.6918-62.4826
09/19/15 09:46:08Detected43.6773-62.4794LF tonals in P11, 12
09/19/15 10:46:08Detected43.6773-62.4783
09/19/15 13:46:08Detected43.6679-62.4695
09/19/15 14:46:08Detected43.6720-62.4542Minke pulse trains?
09/19/15 21:46:08Possibly detected43.6301-62.4096Long LF tonals in P13


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/19/15 01:46:0843.7368-62.5180Long HF downsweep in P14
09/19/15 02:46:0843.7315-62.5066HF downsweeps in P6-8
09/19/15 05:01:0843.7143-62.4929Long LF tonals in P11
09/19/15 08:46:0843.6850-62.4804Both classified upcalls are short and not shapely.
09/19/15 09:46:0843.6773-62.4794LF tonals in P11, 12
09/19/15 11:46:0843.6698-62.4770What are sounds in P12
09/19/15 14:46:0843.6720-62.4542Minke pulse trains?
09/19/15 15:46:0843.6644-62.4530Several minke pulse trains
09/19/15 16:46:0843.6642-62.4234More minke pulse trains
09/19/15 17:46:0843.6571-62.4238minke-like pulse train intermixed with long LF tonals in P1
09/19/15 19:46:0843.6429-62.4111pulse train in P15
09/19/15 21:01:0843.6351-62.4080Long LF tonals in P2
09/19/15 21:46:0843.6301-62.4096Long LF tonals in P13
09/19/15 22:46:0843.6291-62.4115Long LF tonals in P10. 3 FW calls but IPI too long, 19 seconds
09/19/15 23:46:0843.6222-62.4136Minke pulse trains. Mystery LF tonals in P5.