Fin whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/17/15 04:14:17Possibly detected43.9709-62.8217Two sequences of three FW calls each
09/17/15 06:11:21Detected43.9583-62.8154


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/17/15 00:16:0844.0028-62.8350HF downsweeps in P1 and P3
09/17/15 00:46:0843.9990-62.8331Faint HF downsweeps
09/17/15 04:01:0843.9733-62.8202A nice downsweep, unclassified and high fequency in P9
09/17/15 04:14:1743.9709-62.8217Two sequences of three FW calls each
09/17/15 04:46:0843.9675-62.8216Sequence of 3 FW calls in P1 - P2, rest has variable IPI.
09/17/15 05:01:0843.9656-62.8201Long downsweep in P3, possibly some shorter downsweeps in P4,5,6,8
09/17/15 05:46:0843.9604-62.8161Unclassified downsweeps in P3, 12, 13? Check spectrogram.
09/17/15 07:01:0843.9539-62.8129Unclassified LF downsweep in P2.
09/17/15 08:01:0843.9470-62.8074Unclassified downsweep in P9, possibly also P10.
09/17/15 08:46:0843.9477-62.8080Odd LF sounds in P6 - P8. Check spectrogram
09/17/15 09:46:0843.9407-62.8025Odd LF sounds in P8. One classified upcall is part of these sounds. Other upcall not seen.
09/17/15 11:46:0843.9351-62.7920What are LF sounds in P6? Check spectrogram.
09/17/15 15:46:0843.9135-62.7560Mystery LF tones in P13
09/17/15 17:46:0843.9010-62.7354Very strange short noises in this record. I havent seen anything like this yet. Check spectrogram. Classified upcall is part of this noise; too short and faint to be convincing.
09/17/15 20:46:0843.8870-62.7037Mystery LF tonals in P7 - 8.
09/17/15 21:46:0843.8798-62.6992Long HF downsweep in P2.
09/17/15 22:46:0843.8779-62.6885Several unclassified downsweeps of variable frequency in this record.
09/17/15 23:46:0843.8707-62.6841Unclassified downsweep in P2.