Fin whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/21/15 23:58:31Detected43.1871-65.1646Last 4 fin whale calls in P7 have 10sec IPI.


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/21/15 01:58:3143.2903-65.2048More mystery LF tonals in P2.
09/21/15 02:58:3143.2846-65.2128LF tonals in P8, P9
09/21/15 03:58:3143.2781-65.2075LF tonals in P9
09/21/15 04:58:3143.2711-65.2127LF tonals in P8
09/21/15 07:58:3143.2535-65.1999Two mystery LF tonals in P8.
09/21/15 08:58:3143.2517-65.1957LF tonals in P11?
09/21/15 10:58:3143.2402-65.1908Mystery LF tonals in P9?
09/21/15 11:58:3143.2337-65.1840Mystery LF tonals in P10?
09/21/15 12:58:3143.2259-65.2032Mystery tonals in P11?
09/21/15 14:58:3143.2127-65.2167LF tonals in P5. Calls are shorter than previous records
09/21/15 15:58:3143.2086-65.2110LF tonals in P7?
09/21/15 16:58:3143.2027-65.2281LF tonals in P2
09/21/15 17:58:3143.1980-65.2227LF tonals in P10
09/21/15 18:58:3143.1965-65.2162LF tonals at beginning of P14
09/21/15 19:58:3143.1911-65.2083Three faint LF tonals in P10. IPI variable, ~2 sec duration
09/21/15 21:58:3143.1910-65.1740More faint LF tonals in P3 and P5. Variable duration
09/21/15 23:58:3143.1871-65.1646Last 4 fin whale calls in P7 have 10sec IPI.