Fin whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/20/15 07:58:31Detected43.2602-65.1121LF tonals in P8. FW sequence in P6-7.


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/20/15 00:58:3143.2311-65.0565mystery tonals in P12. check spectrogram.
09/20/15 04:58:3143.2497-65.0964Mystery LF tonals in P2.
09/20/15 05:13:3143.2503-65.0988More mystery LFs in P7, 8.
09/20/15 07:58:3143.2602-65.1121LF tonals in P8. FW sequence in P6-7.
09/20/15 08:58:3143.2660-65.1021mystery tonals in P3
09/20/15 11:58:3143.2690-65.1284More mystery long LF tonals in P8 (Hilary thinks they are right whale moans)
09/20/15 13:57:1243.2717-65.1469check spectrogram. Lots of variable frequency noise throughout record.
09/20/15 17:13:3143.2738-65.1828More mystery LF tonals. Check spectrogram.
09/20/15 17:58:3143.2791-65.1743faint mystery LFs in P3.
09/20/15 19:58:3143.2822-65.1931More faint mystery LF tonals in P8-9
09/20/15 20:11:4943.2822-65.1931Classified upcall does not have nice shape, its very square.
09/20/15 22:58:3143.2961-65.1746More mystery LF tonals in P9-10