Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/22/15 03:30:5644.1915-63.0175RW: single, faint, not isolated, steep, classified RW upcall. My guess is that this is associated with a noise event, not a RW. Check spectrogram
08/22/15 03:45:5644.1909-63.0168Not a single FW pulse in the PT, even though there are 20 for this tally period. Too bad...
08/22/15 04:30:5644.1929-63.0160Mystery LF calls in p14, plus a lot of strange broadband noise. Check spectrogram
08/22/15 06:45:5644.1764-63.0008SW: faint, isolated, shapely, classified SW singlet. One other possible SW downsweep in p3. Neither are particularly convincing, so I'm sticking with not detected. Check spectrogram
08/22/15 07:30:5644.1708-62.9957Loud unknown downsweep in p4
08/22/15 08:45:5644.1659-62.9970Mystery LF call in p11. Check spectrogram
08/22/15 15:30:5644.1707-63.00803 loud LF tonals in p10. Check spectrogram
08/22/15 16:27:5144.1687-63.0033RW: Loud, potential RW upcall in p6. Not isolated, shape is short, not classified