Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/21/15 01:30:5644.1726-63.0190A few ugly shaped, loud and isolated downsweeps in p8, 10, 12, and 14. Maybe HW but could also be a noise process. Check spectrogram
08/21/15 03:30:5644.1868-63.0329More loud, poorly shaped downsweeps in p13, 14, and 15. Check spectrogram
08/21/15 04:30:5644.1837-63.0305RW upcall classified amid noise - not legit
08/21/15 07:00:5644.2018-63.0481FW calls classified within noise event - not legit
08/21/15 12:30:5644.2286-63.0714Unknown noise event with a RW upcall in the midst - not legit
08/21/15 19:30:5644.2263-63.0609Faint, possible HW downsweep in p12
08/21/15 20:30:5644.2261-63.0598Faint, mystery LF calls in p12. Check spectrogram
08/21/15 22:30:5644.2115-63.0461Possible mystery LF call (or noise event) in p9, unknown downsweep in p11. Check spectrogram