Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/20/15 00:45:5644.0316-62.9227classified upcall is not seen.
08/20/15 01:30:5644.0372-62.9277LF downsweep in panel 12
08/20/15 03:30:5644.0523-62.9413LF tones in panel 8
08/20/15 07:45:5644.0665-62.9491IPIs are not constant between fin whale pulses
08/20/15 09:30:5644.0740-62.9500All RW detections amid noise events
08/20/15 11:30:5644.0887-62.9635Long downsweeps in p7 and p16. May be biological.
08/20/15 15:30:5644.1158-62.9800Faint, steep, isolated, HW-classified upcall in p16
08/20/15 17:30:5644.1236-62.9852RW classified upcall in p8 amid other noise - not legit
08/20/15 22:30:5644.1532-63.0070Loud, HW-looking upsweep in p3