Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/14/15 00:30:5643.0941-62.7610Similar platform noise as we've been seeing. A few poorly shaped upcalls in the midst that are likely spurious pt's
08/14/15 01:30:5643.0999-62.7694More platform noise
08/14/15 02:30:5643.1055-62.7776Platform noise
08/14/15 03:30:5643.1094-62.7798Platform noise
08/14/15 03:37:2943.1094-62.7798no pt's
08/14/15 06:30:5643.1185-62.7883RW: One classified upcall in p9, but shape is poor and it's amid other noise A few other LF downsweeps around but nothing too convincing
08/14/15 07:40:5243.1242-62.7962no pt's
08/14/15 09:30:5643.1482-62.8044HF downsweeps in panel 4
08/14/15 10:30:5643.1535-62.8130Short 400-600 Hz downsweep in panel 6
08/14/15 11:30:5643.1590-62.8218noisy record
08/14/15 13:30:5643.1609-62.8305Lots of fiant unclassified LF tones, classified upcall not believable.
08/14/15 19:30:5643.1877-62.8963One downsweep in panel 5 classified as call type 17.
08/14/15 23:30:5643.2319-62.9382classified fin whale calls not seen in record.