Humpback whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/13/15 06:30:56Possibly detected43.0881-62.6342loud 400 -600 Hz downsweep.


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/13/15 06:30:5643.0881-62.6342loud 400 -600 Hz downsweep.
08/13/15 07:30:5643.1085-62.6544faint sweeps in panel 5
08/13/15 08:30:5643.1028-62.6623spurious pitch tracks that appear to be platform noise
08/13/15 09:30:5643.0961-62.6692Some loud artifacts in p16 that looklike downsweeps, but nothing obviously biological
08/13/15 09:45:5643.0942-62.6709Pattern in p2 w/ possible harmonics that looks like platform noise we've been seeing
08/13/15 10:30:5643.0890-62.6759Same loud pattern in p2 we've been associating with platform noise, but also another faint, LF tonal w/ possible harmonics that's repeated at fairly even intervals. This is possibly humpback, but unlike other calls I've seen. Tonals are not highly stereotyped and very faint, which makes me suspect noise. Going to leave it as "not detected" and may re-evaluate if more convincing examples come up later in the record.
08/13/15 11:30:5643.0785-62.6767Single loud, shapely HF downsweep at the end of p9. Maybe humpback but no other examples
08/13/15 11:41:1643.0785-62.6767Only 5s of pt
08/13/15 11:45:3043.0802-62.6794Another only 5s of pt - must be a system glitch
08/13/15 11:45:5643.0802-62.6794Same glitch as previous
08/13/15 12:30:5643.0760-62.6856Same loud, somewhat patterned platform noise. One poorly shaped downsweep in p15 is only possibly biological signal
08/13/15 12:45:5643.0743-62.6874Another downsweep in p2, probably biological but of unknown species and not repeated
08/13/15 13:30:5643.0693-62.6932Several noisy events cause spurious pitch tracking
08/13/15 14:30:5643.0638-62.7002Same faint, patterned, LF tonals as seen previously. They seem to get louder and more complex as the pattern progresses here. I am more confident they're biological but they do not match any of the calls in our library. I haven't seen calls like this before and would not know which species to associate them with. Still more evidence is necessary to call them anything more than patterned platform noise.
08/13/15 15:44:0043.0510-62.7343No pt
08/13/15 16:30:5643.0477-62.7344Lot's of platform noise
08/13/15 17:30:5643.0393-62.7365One loud, poorly shaped possible downsweep in p3
08/13/15 19:30:5643.0582-62.7625Several noise events with spurious pitch tracking
08/13/15 19:33:5543.0582-62.7625no pt's
08/13/15 20:30:5643.0637-62.7627Significant platform noise
08/13/15 21:30:5643.0703-62.7709Platform noise
08/13/15 22:30:5643.0766-62.7789Platform noise and a few HF downsweeps with artifacts
08/13/15 23:30:5643.0874-62.7733One loud possible upcall in p8 and another fainter candidate in p9. Not great examples - not confident enough for possible
08/13/15 23:36:1743.0874-62.7733no pt's