Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/29/15 03:30:5644.3545-63.3387noisy record
07/29/15 04:30:5644.3480-63.3318what is the loud noise in panel 9?
07/29/15 09:26:0344.3320-63.3176two classified upcalls are poor shape, quiet and occur among other noise. Not at all convincing.
07/29/15 10:45:5644.3277-63.3190Why was that sound classified as a 3 (sei whales)? Its an 800 kHz upsweep.
07/29/15 11:30:5644.3261-63.3239another noisy record.
07/29/15 12:30:5644.3196-63.3169classified right whale upcall is not a great shape and not isolated, but is decently loud - a bit of a wash. Other unclassified upcalls in panels 7 and 8? Each also has poor shape and not isolated. Not convincing.
07/29/15 13:30:5644.3163-63.3226noisy record
07/29/15 14:30:5644.3099-63.3155noisy record
07/29/15 19:23:2944.2870-63.3084One right whale upcall classified is right in the middle of a very noisy period in the record and is therefore not convincing. it is also short, and is the only one in the record.