Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/27/15 15:30:5644.5307-63.4226In panel 3, some 500 Hz modulated tonals. Possible hw? A lot of other noise and artefacts in that frequency range in panel 4 makes me suspicious.
07/27/15 16:30:5644.5255-63.4175Series of unclassified LFs in panel 8, could be rudder noise.
07/27/15 17:30:5644.5184-63.4216lots of noise in this record.
07/27/15 19:30:5644.5050-63.4178some quiet tonal sounds in panel 9 - hw?
07/27/15 23:30:5644.4850-63.4067single classified upcall has poor shape, not isolated, same amplitude as surrounding sounds; not convincing.