Humpback whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
05/15/22 08:54:59Possibly detected40.2594-73.2199
05/15/22 13:39:59Possibly detected40.2594-73.2199


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
05/15/22 08:24:5940.2594-73.2199Three steep downsweeps in P14-16 but their shape is a bit jagged, possibly some kind of noise?
05/15/22 10:24:5940.2594-73.2199More steep downsweeps in P5-7, uncertain whether or not these are biological.
05/15/22 10:39:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps in P5 and 7.
05/15/22 10:54:5940.2594-73.2199A couple of possible steep downsweeps and other faint higher frequency calls in P9-10, but they all could still just be noise.
05/15/22 11:09:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps in P9-11.
05/15/22 11:24:5940.2594-73.2199Possible steep downsweeps in P10-11.
05/15/22 11:39:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps in P12-14.
05/15/22 12:09:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps in P10-12.
05/15/22 18:54:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps in P6-7, source unknown.
05/15/22 19:24:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps in P4-5, source unknown.
05/15/22 19:39:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps in P4-6, source unknown.
05/15/22 19:54:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps in P2-4 and 16, source unknown.
05/15/22 20:09:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweep in P2, source unknown.
05/15/22 20:24:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps in P2, 3, and 16, source unknown.
05/15/22 20:39:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps in P2, 3, and 16, source unknown.
05/15/22 20:54:5940.2594-73.2199Steep downsweeps throughout the period, source unknown.