Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/25/16 04:32:4140.2607-73.2198400 Hz tone in panel 12 is interesting, but not convincing for HW (too much noise in that band).
06/25/16 05:32:4140.2607-73.2198Tone in panel 10 is interesting, but lots of noise in this period. Ship passage?
06/25/16 06:32:4140.2607-73.2198Smokes! Lots of noise here.
06/25/16 14:32:4140.2607-73.2198Intense noise.
06/25/16 16:47:4140.2607-73.2198Could be faint humpback singing in panels 9-13, but not at all convincing.