Sei whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
05/05/15 05:19:32Possibly detected41.1418-70.9292


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
05/05/15 11:19:3241.1418-70.9292Small, faint PTs in pattern in panels 6-8 but long enough to be convincing of biological presence.
05/05/15 14:19:3241.1418-70.9292Downsweeps in panels 6 and 12 but not enough evidence to suggest HW.
05/05/15 15:19:3241.1418-70.9292Classified HW downsweep in panel 15, no other evidence.
05/05/15 21:19:3241.1418-70.9292Classified HW downsweeps in panels 11 and 13, but not enough pattern or PTs to say HW "Possibly".