Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
05/02/15 10:19:3241.1418-70.9292Downsweep classified as SW in panel 12, PT is not convincing.
05/02/15 11:19:3241.1418-70.9292Two strange downsweeps in panel 11, HW?
05/02/15 17:19:3241.1418-70.9292Possible HW downsweep in panel 11, not enough evidence.
05/02/15 18:19:3241.1418-70.9292Some high freq (800-900 Hz) tonals appear to be somewhat patterned in panels 1-3. To classify as "Possibly" for HW, would need more evidence in the form of fewer artifacts, possibly more downsweeps, and more obvious pattern.
05/02/15 20:19:3241.1418-70.9292Faint unclassified SW doublet at the end of panel 6, and 2-3 SW downsweeps in panel 10? Needed either stronger calls or a classification to categorize as "Possibly".