Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/24/22 05:01:0139.0732-74.1718repeated 200Hz pulses
06/24/22 08:01:0139.0732-74.1718pulses in p15 aren't patterned enough for fin
06/24/22 11:16:0139.0732-74.1718100 Hz signals likely noise.
06/24/22 12:16:0139.0732-74.1718possible humpback sounds in p9 but lots of LF spurious pulses so not very convincing
06/24/22 21:31:0139.0732-74.1718artifacts in p13 could be humpback but too sporadic to be convincing
06/24/22 21:46:0139.0732-74.1718hf signals in p3 noise or humpback?