Sei whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/13/20 00:51:59Detected40.3299-71.3858Lots of variable short LF tracks- humpback, sei, fin or blue?
06/13/20 01:06:59Detected40.3319-71.3853Triplet and doublet
06/13/20 01:28:21Detected40.3338-71.3848
06/13/20 05:51:59Possibly detected40.3565-71.3744
06/13/20 06:02:17Possibly detected40.3565-71.3744

Humpback whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/13/20 21:51:59Possibly detected40.4525-71.3785Likely humpback P4-5


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/13/20 00:21:5940.3261-71.3868Possible Faint doublet or other species
06/13/20 00:36:5940.3280-71.3863Some LF tracks
06/13/20 00:51:5940.3299-71.3858Lots of variable short LF tracks- humpback, sei, fin or blue?
06/13/20 01:06:5940.3319-71.3853Triplet and doublet
06/13/20 02:06:5940.3358-71.3818Lots of short LF tracks (in many periods this day so far)
06/13/20 04:21:5940.3477-71.3751Some LF calls
06/13/20 04:51:5940.3506-71.3749Possible faint humpback P11-12
06/13/20 07:06:5940.3552-71.3792Faint sei P4
06/13/20 07:21:5940.3563-71.3799Possible Classified sei but not great shape
06/13/20 07:51:5940.3586-71.3811Some possible faint humpback or just noise
06/13/20 08:06:5940.3598-71.3817Possible humpback ds or just noise
06/13/20 09:21:5940.3606-71.3896Possible humpback or noise
06/13/20 10:21:5940.3658-71.3937Possible faint Hf humpback or noise
06/13/20 13:06:5940.3829-71.3937Some MF noise
06/13/20 13:21:5940.3848-71.3930Possible Hf humpback P2 but likely noise
06/13/20 17:36:5940.4173-71.3819Possible humpback or noise
06/13/20 18:21:5940.4235-71.3813Some possible humpback or noise
06/13/20 18:36:5940.4255-71.3811 Ore possible humpback or noise
06/13/20 21:21:5940.4483-71.3789MF noise P16?
06/13/20 21:51:5940.4525-71.3785Likely humpback P4-5