Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
04/21/23 06:34:2035.6552-75.1608appears to be mostly noise
04/21/23 13:19:2035.6552-75.1608seems to be mostly noise, potentially some HW calls in panels 2-6
04/21/23 17:19:2035.6552-75.1608panel 5- falsely classified RW call, either noise and/or HW call
04/21/23 18:34:2035.6552-75.1608panel 7- falsely classified SW call, just noise
04/21/23 22:19:2035.6552-75.1608many pulses classified as FW, but seems to be mostly noise- irregular pattern and ones with a consistent IPI are shorter (13 sec) than what's been recorded during this time of year for FW