Humpback whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
10/24/22 05:47:06Possibly detected35.6809-75.1595Panels 4/6- some faint low frequency calls and a couple faint downsweeps


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
10/24/22 00:47:0635.6809-75.1595Call classified as SW in panel 7- too high of frequency to be a SW downsweep Call classified as RW in panel 8- suspect, most likely just noise
10/24/22 01:47:0635.6809-75.1595Panel 2- 3 pulses classified as FW, but IPI too short, most likely noise
10/24/22 05:02:0635.6809-75.1595Panels 2/3- several pulses classified as FW but IPI is not regular, probably just noise
10/24/22 05:47:0635.6809-75.1595Panels 4/6- some faint low frequency calls and a couple faint downsweeps
10/24/22 07:17:0635.6809-75.1595noise
10/24/22 08:02:0635.6809-75.1595panel 5- call classified as RW along with a classified FW pulse, but most likely noise
10/24/22 08:17:0635.6809-75.1595panels 15/16- several pulses classified as FW but IPI isn't regular; most likely noise
10/24/22 08:47:0635.6809-75.1595panel 8- potential RW upcall (unclassified)
10/24/22 09:47:0635.6809-75.1595some noise
10/24/22 10:02:0635.6809-75.1595Lots of noise
10/24/22 12:02:0635.6809-75.1595some noise
10/24/22 12:47:0635.6809-75.1595Noise. Potential RW upcall (unclassified)- panel 13
10/24/22 14:02:0635.6809-75.1595some noise- vessel?
10/24/22 14:47:0635.6809-75.1595noise. Don't see any potential RW calls
10/24/22 15:47:0635.6809-75.1595noise
10/24/22 16:47:0635.6809-75.1595noise
10/24/22 17:47:0635.6809-75.1595panel 2- low frequency noise classified as RW upcall
10/24/22 18:02:0635.6809-75.1595panel 5- noise classified as HW call
10/24/22 18:47:0635.6809-75.1595panel 12- noise classified as two RW upcalls
10/24/22 21:02:0635.6809-75.1595panel 8- 3 pulses with 2 classified as FW, but IPI not regular