Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
02/24/16 03:51:0143.9681-68.0749Original Analysis: Possibly Detected for RW - kind of skeptical about this one because it is so faint, but it is classified so went with "Possibly detected" Revised Analysis (Julianne): Classified RW upcall in panel 14 is too faint and similar to the surrounding noise to be convincing of RW presence. Changed this period as Not Detected.
02/24/16 08:51:0143.9681-68.0749Original Analysis: Possibly Detected for RW - panel 4 has a super faint, broken upsweep, could be RW but am skeptical Current Analysis (Julianne): Too much faint noise to be able to separate any upcall-like pitch tracks. The one in panel 4 looks like the surrounding noise and is faint with very poor shape, changed it to Not Detected.
02/24/16 09:51:0143.9681-68.0749panel 4 also has a RW classified upcall but it is so faint that it's barely visible and there's other noise at the same time as it so not marking it as "possibly"
02/24/16 22:51:0143.9681-68.0749Annamaria left off here- this page scored