Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/06/15 01:51:0143.9681-68.0749Possible FW pattern in panel 12, solid IPIs and pulses are fairly isolated. Skeptical though because of other classified pulses that are seemingly random throughout the tracking period.
09/06/15 02:51:0143.9681-68.0749Not convinced by these FW pulses, a lot of surrounding noise and there isn't a good section where they hold a pattern.
09/06/15 11:51:0143.9681-68.0749Slightly convincing FW pulse train in panel 9, although the last two pulses have a shorter IPI. Still highly skeptical of LF noise.
09/06/15 13:51:0143.9681-68.0749Pulses are too random here to be convincing of FW presence.
09/06/15 18:51:0143.9681-68.0749Crazy loud LF noise at the end of panel 4, and a less intense one in panel 5.
09/06/15 19:06:0143.9681-68.0749Check spectrogram: Long, faint downsweep in panel 2. Too many artifacts and too low frequency to be one of those isolated HW downsweeps. Not sure if it's biological.