Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
11/16/16 03:24:3643.9791-68.0854A ton of FW pulses here but most of them look random. There has been a lot of 20 Hz noise in the past few days and I am highly skeptical of anything classified as a FW that isn't in a very clear pattern.
11/16/16 04:24:3643.9791-68.0854More suspicious FW pulses. There are a few in P8 that are more convincing but they have inconsistent amplitudes and there are a lot of other random pulses in the period so I am not convinced.
11/16/16 06:24:3643.9791-68.0854The pulses in P12-13 have more consistent IPIs but they are shorter than the IPIs that have been observed recently. Still very skeptical here.
11/16/16 20:39:3643.9791-68.0854Possible faint HW in P9 but it's extremely faint and could be noise.