Fin whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
11/13/22 17:40:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 17:55:18Possibly detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 18:40:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 18:55:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 19:10:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 19:55:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 20:10:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 20:25:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 20:40:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 21:25:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 21:40:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 21:55:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 22:40:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 22:55:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 23:10:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 23:40:18Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/13/22 23:55:18Detected38.3030-74.6450


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
11/13/22 00:25:1838.3030-74.6450JT- poss HW SS in P8-10 at cutoff but PTs are faint so HW-SS
11/13/22 01:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- poss HW SS, some are loud but PTs are short, HW-ND
11/13/22 07:25:1838.3030-74.6450JT- several LF tonals with harmonics but there's a lot of LF PTs, most are very short, source may not be biological. All spp-ND.
11/13/22 07:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- SW call is misclassified. Lots of LF downsweeps but they are very short, all spp-ND.
11/13/22 07:55:1838.3030-74.6450JT- a couple LF tonals with harmonics but the period cuts off early so all spp-ND.
11/13/22 08:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- loud, LF downsweeps but PTs are short (n=3) so all spp-ND