Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/09/22 00:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- LF noise continues today, poss. non-biological.
09/09/22 08:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- interesting PTs in P9 at 10s.
09/09/22 09:10:1838.3030-74.6450JT- 1 loud, shallow downsweep in P5.
09/09/22 09:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- LF, non-bio noise continues.
09/09/22 13:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT-poss, faint, unclassified upcall in P13 ~200-225Hz.
09/09/22 14:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- lots of LF noise continues. Poss HW calls in P8 at 43s but not enough context so HW-ND.
09/09/22 16:55:1838.3030-74.6450JT- 2 classified RW upcalls both are faint and contain artifact so RW-ND.
09/09/22 17:10:1838.3030-74.6450JT- faint, short MF PTs. Poss unclassified, faint upcall in P2 at 31s around 300Hz. Noticeable absence of LF noise in this period compared to the previous 2 days.
09/09/22 21:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT- P5 contains PTs which look like harmonics in the LF, like long HW grunts, but the context of lots of LF noise makes it uncertain.