Fin whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/22/22 03:10:18Possibly detected38.3030-74.6450JT- 3 FW pulses have consistent INI in P11 so FW-PD.


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
08/22/22 03:10:1838.3030-74.6450JT- 3 FW pulses have consistent INI in P11 so FW-PD.
08/22/22 04:40:1838.3030-74.6450JT-P16 (which overlaps with the following period) has 3 FW pulses with consistent INI but 16s INI is long for this time of year so FW-ND.
08/22/22 06:25:1838.3030-74.6450JT- P7 at 52s has an interesting PT but the HW call appears to be a mis- classification so HW-ND.
08/22/22 07:10:1838.3030-74.6450KS- possible HW grunt in P10 but harmonics are misshaped HW - ND
08/22/22 07:55:1838.3030-74.6450JT-interesting PTs in P10 at 37s. All spp-ND.
08/22/22 09:10:1838.3030-74.6450KS- possible grunt end of P15 not enough context HW - ND
08/22/22 12:25:1838.3030-74.6450KS- P4 and P5 3 pulses in sequence very short and faint, not enough context FW - ND
08/22/22 12:40:1838.3030-74.6450KS- multiple classified FW calls inconsistent IPI FW - ND
08/22/22 19:55:1838.3030-74.6450KS- possible HW social sounds in P11 loud but inconsistent shapes HW-ND
08/22/22 23:10:1838.3030-74.6450KS- loud downsweep in P12 not enough context to determine species HW - ND SW - ND