Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
05/06/22 02:49:5838.3030-74.6450Detections faint and look like artifacts. HW ND. HB.
05/06/22 07:04:5838.3030-74.6450Lots of detections, but mainly faint and look like artifacts and noise - HW ND. HB.
05/06/22 08:04:5838.3030-74.6450Some louder detections, but no clear pattern or shape - HW ND. HB.
05/06/22 08:19:5838.3030-74.6450AR- Non-biological noise
05/06/22 11:19:5838.3030-74.6450AR- A few annotated calls in rhythm, some not annotated, variable frequencies. HB - all faint, probably noise.
05/06/22 12:04:5838.3030-74.6450AR- non-biological noise
05/06/22 13:19:5838.3030-74.6450AR- IPI is inconsistent, no FW-D.
05/06/22 14:19:5838.3030-74.6450AR- Lots of noise, none of it in rhythm, lack context or structure for detection.
05/06/22 15:04:5838.3030-74.6450AR- Non-biological noise
05/06/22 18:19:5838.3030-74.6450AR- Non-biological noise
05/06/22 18:34:5838.3030-74.6450AR- Non-biological noise
05/06/22 19:19:5838.3030-74.6450AR- Interesting sounds on P12 but no pattern, faint, no detections.
05/06/22 20:04:5838.3030-74.6450AR- Unusual sound in P10, no detections.
05/06/22 20:34:5838.3030-74.6450AR- Non-biological noise
05/06/22 21:04:5838.3030-74.6450AR- No real pattern or context, no detections
05/06/22 23:04:5838.3030-74.6450AR- Non-biological noise mixed with some short down sweeps. No detections.
05/06/22 23:19:5838.3030-74.6450AR- Non-biological noise