Fin whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
11/05/21 19:19:58Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/05/21 19:34:58Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/05/21 20:04:58Detected38.3030-74.6450
11/05/21 20:19:58Detected38.3030-74.6450


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
11/05/21 06:34:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- two decent downsweeps in P10/11, but not classified and a bit short- SW/HW ND
11/05/21 11:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P7 and P8 3 FW calls classified some surrounding noise - ND
11/05/21 13:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS- classified RW call was after transmission ended - ND
11/05/21 17:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- multiple classified FW calls, no obvious pulse train and lots of surrounding noise at the same frequency - ND