Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
09/25/21 00:49:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- not enough FW detections in sequence- FW ND
09/25/21 02:04:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- noisy, FW ND
09/25/21 02:19:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- noisy, variable amplitudes- FW ND
09/25/21 04:04:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- noise in similar frequencies- FW ND
09/25/21 09:34:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- PT low amplitude and no clear shape-HW ND
09/25/21 10:49:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- detection low amplitude and w/in noise- RW ND
09/25/21 18:34:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- no clear PT- HW ND
09/25/21 23:49:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- inconsistent IPI- FW ND