Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/17/21 05:19:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- faint pitch tracks, but HW PD?
07/17/21 06:49:5838.3030-74.6450ADF- pitch track faint, but HW PD? Ks - Sounds are faint no pattern or tonals - ND HW
07/17/21 10:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P9 loud tonals in sequence IPI ~10 secs, not enough classified to be FW - ND
07/17/21 10:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS - sounds look like artifacts - ND HW
07/17/21 12:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS - P13 3 calls in sequence 2 classified FW consistent IPI ~13 sec, not enough calls in sequence and only 2 classified FW - ND
07/17/21 14:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- No discernable pattern, calls are faint - ND HW
07/17/21 16:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS - faint sounds in P11 - P14 have no pattern - HW ND
07/17/21 17:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS - P6 sequence is too close together to be FW - ND
07/17/21 17:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS - inconsistent IPI - FW ND
07/17/21 17:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS- Inconsistent IPI - FW ND
07/17/21 20:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS- No calls in sequence - FW ND
07/17/21 20:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- Not enough classified in sequence to be FW and inconsistent IPI - ND
07/17/21 23:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS - P15 and P16 long low frequency tonal sounds, could be low moans from HW? - PD ADF- I think both low tonal and higher frequency song need to be present- HW ND