Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/01/21 00:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P5-6 4 calls in sequence correct intervals but only one classification - not enough classified ND for Fin
07/01/21 00:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS - P15- 3 classified calls 2 of which are too close together not enough calls in sequence to be convincing
07/01/21 03:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS- classified calls are not in sequence
07/01/21 04:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P2 1 classifed upcall for RW, 0 other upcalls classified or unclassified, not enough say D or PD. HW call type 16 is disregarded.
07/01/21 05:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- most Pitch tracks for HW are all just under 800 a repeated pattern of sounds in triplets can be seen throughout PT Sound is faint and the only classified call type is 16. ADF- these all look too identical to be biological- ND
07/01/21 06:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS- Classified call type 16 calls are faint and no distinct pattern
07/01/21 06:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS- classified calls are not in sequence and too far apart
07/01/21 07:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS - Classified calls are too far apart and not in sequence ADF- P6,15- interval looks good but only two calls in sequence-ND
07/01/21 09:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS- FW call types are not in sequence and too far apart. P14 and P15 have two upcalls one classified one not both are very faint. Not enough to be D or PD
07/01/21 10:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- RW classified in P8, the only upcall in the entire track very faint
07/01/21 11:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS- FW call types are too far apart and not in sequence. HW calls are faint and isolated.
07/01/21 11:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- FW call types are not in sequence. HW is call type 16.
07/01/21 12:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P6 upcall call type 6 is faint.
07/01/21 13:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS- Classified calls are too far apart and not in sequence for FW
07/01/21 13:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS - Classified calls are in not in sequence
07/01/21 13:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS - P11 3 calls in sequence one classified, not enough to be D or PD. RW call type 5 in P5 looks like it could be an artifact.
07/01/21 14:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS- Calls are not in a consistent interval
07/01/21 14:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- Inconsistent intervals, no sequence
07/01/21 14:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS - calls in sequence are either too close together or too far apart to be FW
07/01/21 14:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P14 - 15 could be more then one FW vocalizing, multiple calls in sequence 2 classified out of 6 in sequence ADF- Inconsistent intervals with only two calls with correct interval in sequence-ND
07/01/21 15:04:5838.3030-74.6450inconsistent IPI - ND FW
07/01/21 15:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- Inconsistent intervals multiple calls classified
07/01/21 15:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P7-8 4 calls in sequence but only one classified. Other classified calls are in inconsistent intervals. ADF- inconsistent intervals, only one classified in each sequence-ND
07/01/21 15:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P5-6 2 calls classified out of 6 in sequence. ADF- not with consistent intervals. P5- two with correct interval, possible third but only 1 classified-ND
07/01/21 16:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS- Inconsistent intervals
07/01/21 16:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS - inconsistent intervals P14-15 ND FW
07/01/21 16:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- calls in sequence are too far apart
07/01/21 16:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS - Inconsistent intervals
07/01/21 18:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- sequences are too far apart
07/01/21 18:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- calls are too far apart
07/01/21 19:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS- FW no sequence inconsistent intervals. RW faint looks like artifacts. HW - calls are faint, no pattern but potential artifacts are all around the same frequency and clumped similarly.
07/01/21 20:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- Inconsistent intervals, no sequences
07/01/21 20:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P15-16 has interesting pulse trains at the same frequency with short inter-pulse intervals 0 classified for Fin but could it be a HW? ADF- don't think these are clear enough calls to be biological-ND
07/01/21 20:49:5838.3030-74.6450KS- No sequence and inconsistent intervals
07/01/21 21:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P7-8 classified pulses are spaced too far apart
07/01/21 21:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P9, 14 and 15 have short pulse trains but only one call is classified or 0 calls are classified. ADF- intervals are not 7 or 17s- ND
07/01/21 21:34:5838.3030-74.6450KS- P5/6 7 calls in sequence not enough classified - ND FW
07/01/21 22:04:5838.3030-74.6450 inconsistent IPI, other noise in that frequency range - ND FW
07/01/21 22:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- calls are too far apart from eachother
07/01/21 23:04:5838.3030-74.6450KS- call type is faint but P10-12 and P15 -16 have interesting repetitive calls at just about the same frequency. ADF- these look too short to be HW calls-ND
07/01/21 23:19:5838.3030-74.6450KS- 2 classified upcalls P9 and 15 P2 has a very faint upcall above the 50 sec mark. ADF-These don't look like smooth upcalls to me-ND RW